Music Lessons w/ Miki P

Lessons with Miki P

I have been teaching music professionally for 4 years. In 2016 I took my first teaching opportunity at KC Music in Parkville, MO teaching a band of 5 through a program called “ROCK-U” how to play classic rock with a performance every 4 quarters. I also worked with a few beginner vocal students through performances with ROCK-U. Over the years I helped establish and host recitals for every student that took lessons. By the end of my time with KC Music, I was the most highly-requested teacher on staff and had a full schedule with 30+ students. In February of 2019, I left KC Music and started implementing my own strategies for private lessons.

I believe the most effective way to approach learning is to help students discover what interests them the most and showing them how they can achieve it. My style is not like the piano lessons you took as a child. My lessons are modeled to be more hands-on, letting the student be more engaged and help to decide their curriculum. I want to know what draws the student to music so I can help them achieve the sound they are looking for. Through this they find their own unique voice outside of music that has already been created.

Since the start of my teaching career my proficiencies have expanded to include lessons for guitar, ukulele, bass, piano, drums, and my own personal specialty, songwriting. I teach both individual lessons for students of all ages (the age range of my students are from 6 to 60), as well as private group classes. 

Before taking on a new student, I like to take the time to sit down with the student/parent so you can get to know me and so we can set realistic expectations of what we would like the student to accomplish. This includes finding the right instrument, style of music, a time that fits into even the most hectic schedules, and the best environment for your student to learn – whether that be in your home or mine.

The Benefits of Learning an Instrument

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