“Unapologetic from the very beginning, Miki P lets you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into. From bass line to Miki’s unmistakably explosive voice, every part of this album exudes talent.”

– Stevie Ervay (PlaylistPlay)


“Reinforced by Miki P’s unadulterated vocal presence and the buoyant melodies of The Swallowtails — all accomplished musicians from KC’s classical, jazz and folk scenes — the song deftly walks the listener through the stages of healing from trauma.”

– Michelle Bacon (90.9 The Bridge)


“You’ve gotta tend to your spot, you’ve gotta acknowledge your roots, and sometimes, you’ve gotta dig your heels in deep if you’re inclined to grow. Kansas City locals “Miki P” and “The Swallowtails,” remind us well through the indie-folk sensibilities of their silken new album, Right Where We Are.” 

– Emma Ottinger, Manor Records





Miki P is a self made artist,

multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, musician & producer born in Kansas City.

She has been artistically-driven from a young age, working alongside her wrestless imagination & creative energy, she continues to harness music from her soul.

About Miki P and the SwallowtailsRight Where We Are“:

“With lively instrumentals, yet powerful self-control, the batch of songs keep you company in a promise of tenderness. The accompaniment of Miki P’s voice is kind enough to squeeze your trembling hand, and strong enough to teach you to stand on your own. Altogether, the music flourishes right alongside you, growing into itself like a series of spring perennials. It teems with reasons to be, and in doing so, lends to mellow contemplation, meditating on the past for what it was and how precisely we got to life at present.” – Emma Ottinger (Manor Records)