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St. Louis, MO


Fayetteville, AR


Shreveport, LA


New Orleans, LA


Huntsville, AL

 Nashville, TN

Springfield, MO



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Miki P is an artist who brings her life experiences into every aspect of the music she creates. Playing professionally since she was 15 and teaching herself drums, guitar, ukulele, and piano she is a multi-instrumentalist & songwriter at her core, composing music to move people in the simplest way she can. Taking you into the world of folk, pop, and rock roots, Miki P’s unique sound will captivate you, while she sustains beautiful melodies a top her daring vocals.

September 1st, 2018 Miki P released her debut album “Dome of Swallows” including 10 original songs. The album is a journey describing aspects of heartbreak, love, and the lessons learned while growing up. “Unapologetic from the very beginning, Miki P lets you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into. From bass line to Miki’s unmistakably explosive voice, every part of this album exudes talent.”-  Stevie Ervay (PlaylistPlay)

This Spring Miki embarks on her first solo tour, heading south to share new music off “Dome of Swallows”. The Dome of Swallows Solo Tour will embark March 31 from Miki’s hometown of Kansas City, MO and will head through Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Alabama, and Tennessee early April. Check Miki P’s official website for more details & music.