Reconnecting with Myself

Lately I’ve spent a lot of time outdoors, and with my album coming out it was relieving to reconnect and get my creative energy flowing again. I’m very proud of my album and the work I’ve put into it, but it has taken a lot of time focusing on every detail and making sure it sounded exactly how I heard it in my head – which led to a dry spell of creating outside of it.

Taking time off to focus on myself, being outdoors and letting my mind rest has been extremely healthy. I came back home on a Sunday night after camping and had the confidence & mojo to get right to work and start creating. There’s a couple different ways I mean by this: my teaching job, my creative outlets, my music, my life. With no pressure I let myself start by planning the week ahead and going over what I was going to accomplish; all in my own time. This approach has allowed me to take my time, without stressing, and opened a door of ideas of how my week and creative projects were going to happen.

I’ve been listening to Trouble on my Mind by a group called the Staves – a sister folk/rock trio from England. The harmonies are so beautiful, and the instrumentation is relaxing. The uplifting charm has, many times in the last few weeks, kept me thinking forward and also taken my mind away from the many responsibilities I’ve been…avoiding! Haha. Please take a listen and enjoy some time in your mind.


Miki P